Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why do we educate people about crime prevention.

Terrorism could cause a huge destruction. Police can’t be around every time. Therefore by educating the public about terrorism could help when in times when they would have to face the situation and they could even prevent it from happening.

We need to let people know that they should be personally responsible for their own safety and their property, not only their own safety but also for the safety of their neighbourhoods.

How can we prevent such crimes? - We cannot totally eliminate crimes but we can at least reduce the crime rates by cooperating with neighbours

Qus: What are the different degrees of charges in vandalism?
Ans: Vandalism ranging from destroying intellectual & government property to the seriousness of loan sharking vandalism.

Qus: What are the consequences that will be faced by the guilty?
Ans: For first timer, below the age of 18, depending on how serious the offence is might get a mere warning or get a temporary stay in the boys home. Above 18, there will be a possible imprisonment and that can include canning and fine.

Qus: What are some of the tips that you can give to prevent vandalism?
Ans: If you know about any neighbors involving in any loan shark activities, please report them because they might be involved in loan shark harassment. We can also give a stern warning and tell them about the seriousness of vandalism in Singapore.

Citizen Journalism

-Use legal and ethical means
~Gather the correct information
~Gather information in the correct manner.
(eg: ensuring post are credible and would not offend people)

-Don’t write based on what you are told but based on discoveries for yourself
~ Level 1 Journalism : Information from handouts, press releases, press conferences, speeches and statements. ( Result from what someone tells you)
~Level one has its problem : It can result to apathetic and distrustful
-Question what you are told.
~ Be sceptical
~Get more than one reference
~Will increase the credibility

A good reporter has to be skeptical as in he/she looks for proofs
- Take what people say and supplement it with imformation based on own research, observation and others.
- Take information based on actual reality and then provide background, details, commemnts from others and own observations as verification for what has been provided.
- Must emphasize content,interpret, research, investigate,
complete report and analysis.

Challenges Face

Challenges faced when creating the blog. One of the main challenges that our team face is time. A lot of time is required to put a lot of pictures, post and other setting up the blog. We also have to be careful on what we post on the blog as we might be sue on what we have put on our blogs
and we are a "formal blog for crime prevention" it is very important and required for us to be objective and have no emotions attachment to the story we are writing on.

Complaint from a resident

What's Happening

There is a recent case that involved car vandalism and a resident living in Vic Street. 2 months ago, it was reported that vic street resident, Ms "Loo Talkalot" was a victim of car vandalism.

Extracted from Ms Loo's comment in an interview:

"someone had vandalised my limited edition Hello Kitty pink mini cooper! Oh my God! it has been 2 months but the police have not catch the culprit!"

Extracted from Mr Tan Bee Wee's comment in an interview:

"Shivering at one corner, pee in his pant"( He did not answer my question.)

Extracted from the Police comment in an conference:
"Yes, the police department have been alerted about Ms Loo’s case right after she made a report and we have been trying to follow up to her case, however we are still unable to capture the real culprit due to the lack of supported evidences. We will try our very best to find the culprit in justice as soon as possible with regards to this matter and also to safeguard the residents in Vic Street.
If there is anyone out there who may have involvement and witnessed about this case, you may contact us @ 999. We will be greatly appreciated by that. Thank you."

Extracted from Mr Vejaya comment in an interview:

We asked his views about the incident that happen to Ms Loo.
He also had saw a similar vandalism last year and he thinks that the person who vandalised Ms Loo's Limited Hello Kitty Pink Mini Cooper.
From an abstract from an interview with Mr Vejaya,
" Maybe Ms Loo offend people, I think is the same person as last year"

NewS Flash!

The crime rate in Vic Street is on the rise, and many of the neighbours are complaining to the police about issues such as vandalism, robberies, and shop-lifting.

Besides the issue of crimes in Vic Street, the police want to create public awareness about the measures implemented in the neighbourhood (especially at Vic Street MRT station) to detect and prevent terrorism.